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Why do I choose Nutritional Immunology for Me and My Family?

Health, without it, many things in life loses its meaning. In Singapore, as well as around the world, a property may be one of the biggest assets anyone would purchase in his/her lifetime. However, every single one of us own an asset which is even bigger and more precious -- that is our health.

For me personally, I believe that health is the most important asset that we were bestowed with when we came upon this earth. However, it is up to us to upkeep and maintain this asset. I choose to upkeep my health using the science of Nutritional Immunology and here is why:

1) Wholesome

I first encountered nutritional immunology foods when I was preparing for my pregnancy. During then, my husband would lovingly tell me that I needed to take more supplements so that I would have enough nutrients in preparation for a baby.

Preggy me with Hubby in Bali.

Trained as a Chemical Engineer, I was not keen at all on supplements as I understood that most of them are made mainly of chemicals, whether made in the laboratory, or extracted out of natural foods.

Hence, I would take some supplements like calcium tablets or folic acid tablets just to placate my husband. When he doesn't ask me to take, I wouldn't take it on my own.

Late stage of pregnancy!

As such, my husband looked around for better alternatives and we chanced upon nutritional immunology foods.

As it is made from wholesome plant superfoods using processes that didn't require any preservatives (ie. freeze-drying, spray drying), it was a better alternative to me, knowing that I am not just swallowing a bunch of chemicals.

At this point in time, I had not understood what Nutritional Immunology was all about yet and did not internalize the importance of prevention of diseases. After giving birth to my precious baby boy, I consequently stopped taking my nutritional immunology foods as well.

The very first time he peered at me. 🙂

2) Effective

After my 4 month of maternity leave ended, I returned to work. It was then that my nightmare started. I started falling sick so frequently that I was out of office on medical leave almost 3-4 days every alternate week. That caused a great deal of interruption on my work schedule.

I was stuck in bed most days when sick. 🙁

As if that was not bad enough, because I was sick, my other family members started catching the viruses as well. The viruses were playing merry-go-round in our household. Even my 4 month-old boy caught it was well. It was so heart wrenching watching him struggle with the phlegm in his respiratory system.

To top it off, I was faced with the dilemma of whether to take medications or not. I was still breastfeeding my boy at this point in time. Hence, I was worried whether the medication would have an impact on my breastmilk supply, or even whether the medication would affect my baby if passed down in the milk. It was really frustrating!

To eat or not to eat? -_-"

At this juncture, I stopped and asked myself what had gone wrong? Through my 9 months of pregnancy, I had not even gotten one bout of flu despite people around me falling sick. Pregnant ladies are supposed to have weaker immune systems in fact!

This was when I decided to start once again on nutritional immunology superfoods. After a month or two, I noticed that I did not fall sick that frequently. Even when I caught a bug, it would be cleared up in just 1 day. I was surprised at its effectiveness, as previously I had taken Vitamin C or other supplements which never had such an effect.

I got more curious as to how it worked and decided to understand more, especially in the area of safety.

3) Safety

In my undergraduate Chemical Engineering training, we are taught that all chemicals have a potential to large quantities, a short exposure would see the effect. However, in small quantities, exposure over a long period of time would also result in chronic issues. As such, one important factor for me to understand more was in the area of safety.


The extent to which the manufacturer go to ensure the safety of their food products is impressive. Very extensive testing was completed on each batch of products to ensure they were free of more than 2000 contaminants. The details of what type of test are done can be found here.

Without the reassurance from these high stringent standards, I would not even venture to feed my baby boy any of the common health supplements in the market. Today, I can benefit from the convenience without any worries.

Many other of my family members have regained their health with Nutritional Immunology foods as well. I will share some of their stories in time to come.

I count my blessings to have found nutritional immunology foods and am glad to have been a blessing to family and friends who may need this health solution for their lives.

About the Author

Janice Yap

Having 4 years of experience with nutritional immunology and moving fast towards a more plant-based lifestyle, I would love to help you out if you're looking to improve your health or wellness or that of a loved one...

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