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The Story of a Young Girl who made a difference in the lives of many...

Humble Beginnings...

When she was just a young girl, she dreamt to be a scientist who could make a difference in the world. At that time, she as a budding scientist in Birgham Young University, took on this perspective: It is not the outcome of the research that is important, but that how far reaching and how many years can it still make a positive difference in the lives of people. As such, she had always yearned to start her own research.


Starting out during her student days, she was on the path of research for cancer drugs. When understanding chemotherapy drugs and its side effects on our immune system, she used to think that this is good, that it shows how advanced medical sciences are. That scientists can now look into how we can avoid such side effects.

A Change in Perspectives...

It was an encounter with a very young mother, stricken with cancer in her thirties, that made a change in her perspective. She could remember vividly the day she visited this mother at the hospital ward. This mother, with only 3 months left to live, was sitting on her hospital bed, with three of her very young children at her side. However, instead of cherishing the time and playing with them, she instead was busy making recordings with a cassette tape. The mother went on to explain that the first roll of recording is for her son, on his graduation day…the second is for her daughter, to listen on her wedding day…


Tears started to well up in her eyes as she rushed out of the ward back to her research laboratory. She asked herself, why did she cry? After all, it was not her first time encountering cancer patients. So what was it about this young mother that made her tear up? She realised that it was because of guilt.

After understanding about the side effects drugs, she could not continue lying to herself that this helps to make science better. Also, she could not convince herself that this young mother had even a glimpse of hope to be able to survive. Because in her heart of hearts, the answer was so clear and resounding… it was impossible for this young mother to be able to attend the graduation ceremony of her son, neither was this possible for her to be able to be there to watch her daughter don her wedding gown.


She asked herself, was this what she wanted as a scientist?

So from them on, she wanted to research a cure without any side effects. She wanted to be able to prevent cancer from occurring, she didn’t want cancer to happen at all. She wanted to give all mothers the right and choice to be there at their son’s graduation. So she wanted to start researching from nutrition, in the prevention of diseases.

Taking Massive Action towards her passion...

The irony at that point in time, is that for her with a PhD in Immunology, she had never had to study any modules on nutrition. Heading over to the faculty of nutrition, she also realised that to get a certificate to be a licensed nutritionist, they too never had to study on immunology. From there, she started studying and researching on the link between nutrition and our immune system, naming it Nutritional Immunology.


Her first research started out on soybeans. Soy contained this phytochemical called genistein. This phytochemical genistein, it is not a vitamin, it is a nutrient that is totally different. She found that it stops our blood vessels from providing nutrients to cancer cells, in turn, starving cancerous tumours to death, making them shrink. That’s where she realised the power of nutrition, it can be so much more effective than a drug, but without the harmful side effects.

Now, that’s also where the problem lies. Most research is funded by companies who are interested only in making them into drugs. They don’t want to understand about soy. Soy can be found easily in the supermarket. When pharma companies make genistein into a supplement or drug form, there can be a beautiful report talking about the benefits of genistein, causing tumours to shrink, in turn preventing cancer. But how true is this statement?


Cancer has many pathways of forming. 20% of cancer cases are due to viral infections. For example, Hepatitis B infection can lead to cirrhosis (liver hardening), in turn leading to liver cancer. 40% of cancer cases are due to unhealthy eating habits. Assuming there are 100 pathways of cancer formation, by stopping only 1 pathway using genistein in supplement form, there are still another 99 pathways which are not taken care of. As a result, cancer is still likely to occur.

The Birth of Nutritional Immunology

That’s why, in Nutritional Immunology, the emphasis is on wholesome food. Eat soy instead of a genistein drug. In soy, you can find numerous other phytochemicals that have not yet been discovered and researched. By eating soy, you can have much more nutrients. In Nutritional Immunology, the main point in our research is to prove that the best solutions to prevent diseases is there in our supermarkets. Simply change your eating habits and you can definitely safeguard your health.


The research in Nutritional Immunology does not aim to make more drugs or medicines in chemical or extracted form. It also does not aim to change anything in nature. Nutritional Immunology food products are there just for convenience, a healthy fast food. Where you can have more options to gain good wholesome nutrients amidst your busy schedules. Where you can have a good variety of fruits and vegetables in just 1 minute.

About the Author

Janice Yap

Having 4 years of experience with nutritional immunology and moving fast towards a more plant-based lifestyle, I would love to help you out if you're looking to improve your health or wellness or that of a loved one...

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2 comments on “The Story of a Young Girl who made a difference in the lives of many...”

  1. Tony Groot says:

    Soy is junk food there are many other foods that cure and can avoid cancer

    1. Hey Tony,

      I'm guessing the main point of contention when it comes to soy is the phytoestrogen in them?
      If so, that would classify all beef, chicken, eggs, pork as junk food too...due to the estrogen level in them.

      Estrogen is typically about many times stronger than phytoestrogen in its estrogenic effects.

      I do appreciate your comment though. 🙂 Thanks for leaving us a message!!
      Have a good week ahead!

      Cheers! Janice.

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