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How Safe is Nutritional Immunology Food?

Food safety is a very important factor to take note in selecting our food source from. When there are any lapses in safety tests and procedures, or if the quality management system is not sufficiently robust, the impact could be very serious. It could range from food poisoning, to damage on human organs or even worse, death. As such, safety in all aspects from raw materials testing, to packaging selection, as well as final product quality checks are critical.

food safety

How does Extra Excellence (E.Excel) give us their safety guarantee?

1) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GMP is a stringent set of guidelines adopted to govern the manufacturing processes to ensure quality assurance to consumers. GMP standard is expected to be met by manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs regardless of whether they manufacture in Singapore or overseas. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) carries out audit on GMP manufacturers to ensure standards are met.

Besides being a food manufacturer, Extra Excellence prides itself on the safety of its foods and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices as well.


2) Extensive Laboratory Safety Testing

Extensive laboratory safety testing is done on E.Excel's foods.

  • microbial content (ie. E.coli, Yeast & Mold, Enterobateria, Salmonella spp. etc)
  • heavy metal content (i.e. Mercury, Copper, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium)   
  • pesticides or chemical fertilizers - in ensuring food is ORGANIC
  • chemical poisons - 1,822 tests to ensure no contamination from water sources from animal or factory wastes by narcotics, steroid drugs, banned drugs and human growth hormones.
  • microscopic tests - to ensure no contamination from dust, hair or wires
  • finished product testing - state of the art visual inspection machines and checkweighers are used to accurately detect foreign objects such as metals, glass, plastic, stones and hair in products.
  • stability testing - to ensure product quality does not change during validity period stated on product label.

3) Unique Specific Tests

Depending on ingredients used, unique specific test are done.

  • Gene Modification test is carried out on soy. Only non-GMO, high protein content soy is used
  • Antibiotics are tested for in all honey, royal jelly and pollen to ensure they are not present before use in production.
  • Caffeine is tested in Aromantic and Triflora. To ensure no caffeine in aromantic, while ensuring minimum caffeine in triflora despite use of green tea leaves.
  • Melamine is tested for ever since the melamine-tainted milk powder scandal in China.
  • Sulphur-smoking is used commonly to repel bugs and extend shelf life of ginseng. However, the sulphur dioxide residues can cause serious harm to health if ingested. Extra Excellence does not sulphur smoke ginseng and tests to ensure absence of sulphur.
  • Careful selection of Packaging Material is carried out to ensure packaging is stable and does not affect the contents.

4) Safe and Clean Production Environment

This is done by controlling:

  • Humidity
  • Dust
  • Temperature
  • Water quality
  • Automated Production

Here is a peek into the E.Excel production facility in Shanghai:

With their great commitment to excellence in product quality and safety, E. Excel has also clinched the AVA Food Safety Excellence award from their Singapore manufacturing plant.

This is why I choose Extra Excellence foods as the option to nourish my family and safeguard their health. With their strong emphasis on food safety, it puts my mind at ease.

Today, there are many options in the market. Many of them win awards as well. As a wise consumer, isn't it that we should prioritise selecting products with food safety awards rather than best selling products?

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