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Prevention is Better (and Cheaper!) than Cure

It is such an overused cliché that most people would agree with prevention without a second thought. However, let’s all take a second to ponder over the significance of this statement. Let the meaning of each word settle slowly into your consciousness and come to a whole new level of comprehension.

Prevention. It is defined as the act of hindering or stopping something bad from happening. In light of this statement, let’s look at it in the context of owning a car.

In Singapore, cars are known to be expensive, extremely. An average Ferrari model costs in the range of $1 Mil SGD today. Assuming that you now own a Ferrari. Congrats to you proud new owners of this glistening brand new luxury sports car! When you head to the pump station, wouldn’t you give it a treatment befitting of its status – the best fuel available, the equivalent of Platinum 98 at Caltex, Synergy Supreme+ 8000 at Esso, or the likes of LEVO 98 at SPC? When your Ferrari has run up its mileage, wouldn’t you send it for regular servicing to ensure that all internal parts, especially the engine, is running in tip top condition? Would you wait until the weather has corroded the paintwork before you do a waxing for it?

Today, this Ferrari can only last us 10 years in Singapore. Every one of us indeed own a Ferrari, or rather, an even better version of it – our human body. Our body can last us as long as 80 years or more if we take good care of it. It can do many things and its “technology” is even way more advanced than a Ferrari. Do you agree then, that our body is definitely worth more than a Ferrari?

Are we then nourishing our body with the best fuels or most nourishing foods each day so that it can run smoothly? Do we ensure that our foods are contamination free, otherwise it could cause a whole host of chronic issues? Do we regularly send it for an overhaul to ensure that all the internal parts are working in tip top condition? Do we take note of what we use on our exterior – make up, bath essentials, skincare to ensure they are safe for our use?

There is one distinct difference between a car and our body, however. For a car, when the internal parts breakdown, just pay the money to do the replacement and it’s as good as new. For our human body, can we say the same applies?


 Taking the example of a heart transplant. It costs approximately $1 Mil USD for a transplant in the US. After we get an insurance pay out to cover the operation and transplant costs, what other issues do we face? We will need to recover from the operation. In the recovery phase, we are dependent on others’ for even the most basic needs – eating and going to the loo. Imagine that loss in mobility and freedom. Our family members will need to take turns to look after us during this recovery phase. Busy as they are, they will need to squeeze out time from their already hectic lives. They become more stressed. We become a burden to others. Do we even want this to happen?

We have a choice today. All we need to do is to search out the right knowledge in maintaining our body to be a wiser consumer. Keep the long term in view in our everyday choices of food and household items. Do stay tuned as we continue to share on some common misconceptions in the upcoming posts and on other titbits of knowledge for you to be able to lead a healthy long life.

Wishing everyone best of health and dream come true!

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Janice Yap

Having 4 years of experience with nutritional immunology and moving fast towards a more plant-based lifestyle, I would love to help you out if you're looking to improve your health or wellness or that of a loved one...

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