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Nutritional Immunology Session with Dr Jau-Fei Chen - Chapter 3

It was a very enriching Saturday with Dr Jau-Fei Chen, who is known internationally and given multiple awards for her main research topic on Nutritional Immunology. Seeing her in person is  like seeing Nutritional Immunology personified. She is 54 years of age, but definitely looks great nevertheless. I hope I look like her when I am 54. 🙂

Dr Jau-Fei Chen at the Mariott Hotel Singapore on 11th Aug 2016. Just last month. The award received was the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in category of "Education and Training". Looking really great over here for her age. 🙂

We kicked off the day at 11am with the Success Training. Dr Chen shared about her stories and how she came to the decision of letting go of her professor position in her alma mater to start her own business as an entrepreneur. It was overall an inspiring session for us with many great learnings!! Hope that we could have this session come around more frequently!

nutritional immunology session door gift
Our early bird door gift! Worth $42.
we are here at nutritional immunology session
me and my team members present at the event!

After a very quick lunch, we returned for the 2nd session on Nutritional Immunology. This was the very first session conducted in english in Singapore. Previously, some of the sessions I attended were in mandarin, and it indeed took a while for me to grasp it. So glad that we finally have an english session!!! These were the topics which were covered by Dr Chen.

nutritional immunology session topics

The main topics were talking about prevention of cancer, and why do some people get lung cancer although they don't smoke, hepatitis and our liver etc. Overall, it was really good for me, as I can get improved understanding with the session being in english.

Our door gift for the 2nd session on health. Worth ~$36. Handpicked to suit the topics covered today.

Grateful for the early bird door gift that we were given. In there were Millenium, Nutriact and Encore, handpicked from the wide variety of available products to suit the topics covered at this session.

So how do they address the topics then?


Millennium is made up mainly of cactus, with 10,000 different types of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are able to disrupt cancer synthesis pathways. Hence, taking in 10,000 different types from cactus, will help us disrupt 10,000 cancer synthesis pathways! This helps in prevention of cancerous cells before it reaches late stage.


Millennium powder beverage can be mixed in cool water and enjoyed as a lightly sweet beverage. Do not use hot water, because it will kill off some of the nutrients with the temperature. Millennium is my 22 month old's favourite beverage. 🙂 You can read more about Millennium here.


Nutriact is made up of 4 different types of mushroom. In different types of mushrooms, we can find different types of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides help to enhance our immune system overall performance, especially our natural killer (NK) cells.

Our NK cells activity level is increased 38-49 times when we intake Agaricus Blazel Murill (ABM) mushrooms. Our NK cells seek out any cancerous cells in our body and eliminates them easily, thus preventing cancer. NK cells are effective in eliminating viruses as well.


Nutriact is my first choice in fighting viruses in my family. It can be mixed with hot water as a warm beverage, or added to rice for the additional mushroomy taste, yum! You can read more about Nutriact here.


Encore contains hawthorn, blueberries, chrysanthemum, mulberry, winter melon and plum. This blend of superfoods work together synergistically to nourish our heart and liver, two of our most vital organs.


Encore can be mixed with cool water and taken as a refreshing beverage. Similar to millennium, we should not use hot water with this beverage.

Overall, it was a good session with Dr Jau-Fei Chen (PhD in Immunology) and Dr EE Zhang (Medical Doctor certified in UK). It has helped me and my friends who attended the session to understand how to be a wiser consumer in preventing diseases related to the topics shared.

Stay tune to my upcoming posts sharing more on some of my learnings from this session.

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