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Does High Blood Pressure Medication Prevent Stroke?

17.5 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases worldwide. Out of this 17.5 million people, a very large percentage of 80% die from heart attacks or strokes (WHO 2016).  In Singapore, the statistics aren't that optimistic either. Between ages 30 to 69, slightly less than 1 in 4 Singapore residents have hypertension. However, between […]

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How are Superfoods selected in Nutritional Immunology?

Superfoods undergo a stringent selection process to ensure that an optimum quality and quantity of antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides are retained. There are several factors which are considered. 1) Species of Plant Besides selecting type plant super-foods which are good, Nutritional Immunology studies which species is particularly nutritious. Although the same type of plant super-food […]

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Why do I choose Nutritional Immunology for Me and My Family?

Health, without it, many things in life loses its meaning. In Singapore, as well as around the world, a property may be one of the biggest assets anyone would purchase in his/her lifetime. However, every single one of us own an asset which is even bigger and more precious -- that is our health. For […]

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Nutriact - Synergy of Mushrooms, High in Polysaccharides

What are polysaccharides and how do they help our immune system? Where can we find polysaccharides in wholesome plant superfoods? Formulated with the principles of Nutritional Immunology, ensuring the optimum amount and combination of polysaccharides from the different mushroom types, Nutriact provides an immune system boost in a convenient form, intact with a safety guarantee. Whenever there […]

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What is Nutritional Immunology?

Nutritional Immunology, or NI, is the science of studying the link between plant foods and our immune system. What organs do our Immune System consist of? Everyone of us is born to this world bringing with us our best doctor -- our immune system. It is made up of several organs in our body, such as […]

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Oxyginberry - Antioxidants & Phytochemicals Rich

This is one of the first superfoods from Extra Excellence that I started taking in 2013. I am very thankful for coming to know about it. It helps to strengthen my immune system both during my pregnancy and post delivery while breastfeeding. During my breastfeeding days, it was a struggle for me when I fell […]

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Collagen - is it just skin deep?

As most would have known collagen to be a molecule which helps us have beautiful skin, is that its only function in our body? Let's learn a little more about it. It is a type of protein that is found in our human body. Proteins are macro-chains of many amino acids. Collagen makes up about […]

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Singapore AVA Food Safety Excellence Award in 2015 !!

Congratulations to Extra Excellence (E.Excel) for another year of recognition of the efforts in food safety! Singapore AVA has once again presented Extra Excellence Manufacturing Pte Ltd (in Singapore) with their Food Safety Excellence Award in 2015. This has been the 11th year consecutive that Extra Excellence has been given this award! Behind this award […]

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How Safe is Nutritional Immunology Food?

Food safety is a very important factor to take note in selecting our food source from. When there are any lapses in safety tests and procedures, or if the quality management system is not sufficiently robust, the impact could be very serious. It could range from food poisoning, to damage on human organs or even […]

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