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Do you know that Calcium Pills increases Heart Attack risk by 30%?

Calcium is extremely essential in many of our body functions. In fact, approximately 1.5 - 2% of our body weight is accounted for by calcium. Calcium is required mostly for strong bone formation and prevention of osteoporosis. In fact, due to the hectic lifestyle, people turn to calcium pills to fill the gap in their […]

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Do you know that Beta-Carotene supplements Increases Risk of Cancer?

Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in orange or red vegetables such as carrots. It is a good antioxidant and brings benefits to our body if taken in wholesome form of fruits and vegetables. This is a study conducted to investigate the effect of beta-carotene supplementation (in isolated form) on cancer risk. The following are the […]

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Why is Wholesome the Wiser Choice for us?

Singapore, and many other cities similarly, beats to an extremely fast pace, with many families having both parents working to bring in an income to support the lifestyle in this country. With that, how many are able to slow down and take a closer look at what they are consuming daily? Due to the rush […]

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Genetic vs Nutrition -- which gets the upper hand in deciding our health?

Our genetic make up: this is something that for the large part we are not able to change. What we have control over, is the food that we put into our mouths. Between the two, which do you think has a bigger effect on our health? A study was recently published to provide some insights. […]

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Vegecolour - the Goodness of 28 Vegetables in a Convenient Form!

How can we get the nutrients from all these vegetables in a convenient form daily? This means no need to soak, clean, wash and cut them at all! They can be easily found in Vegecolour. All the vegetables are freeze-dried, powdered down and packed in a convenient sachet for us to bring around. This is […]

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Why is Eating more Types of Fruits and Vegetables Good for Health?

The different colours of fruits and vegetables represent different phytochemicals present in the plant foods itself. Phytochemicals are the nutrients found in plant foods that give it its unique colours or organoleptic flavours. Besides tingling our senses, they work together in harmony to nourish our immune system in various ways. The above screen shots just […]

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"No Sugar-coating the Threat of Diabetes"

This article was featured recently on 1st March 2016 in The Straits Times (Singapore's local newspaper). It emphasizes the importance of living healthy lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. "Unfortunately, obesity trends here are heightening that risk for Singaporeans. Among schoolchildren, obesity has risen from 10 per cent in 2000 to 12 per cent […]

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What is the Best Lifestyle for our Immune System?

Our Immune System is our Best Doctor! It is vigilantly on duty all 52 weeks per year, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. As and when we encounter any foreign invader, be it bacteria, viruses or even a speck of dust, our immune system will spring into action and start its work. A […]

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How did my 7 month-old son recover from Eczema? - with the help of Oxyginberry!!

Eczema seems to be very common these days among children. During the days when I attended school, I would always feel sad for any classmates who had eczema since it really looked uncomfortable.   As neither I nor my hubby had a history of eczema, naturally I expected my son to be eczema-free. Never did it […]

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