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Do you know we are all Made to Live till at least 120?

I know it sounds almost impossible when we do a reality check. In our world today, the global life expectancy stands at 71.4 years, as published by the World Health Organization in the year 2015. So why do I say that we are all made to live till at least 120 years old? Let me […]

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What's in my skincare pouch during my recent BKK trip?

Besides what we eat, the toiletries that we use also determine our chemical load on our body. Hence, its important to know what's in the toiletries that we use on a daily basis. During my 5D4N stay in Bangkok, I packed up some of my essentials to take on this trip to minimize my exposure […]

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What was in my stash of Superfoods during the recent Bangkok Trip with my 2 year old?

After the sessions with Dr Chen on saturday, we quickly headed home to pack up for our trip to Bangkok with my 2 year old boy. We were heading off the very next day for our first overseas trip with no family help at all. In fact, I would be having a whole bunch of […]

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The Amazing Cactus

Why is cactus so amazing? Phytochemicals, they "can take tumours and defuse them". They can "turn off the proliferative process of cancer". "Cancer is a multistep procedure and takes many varied processes to become malignant". With more different types of phytochemicals, our body will be more equipped to address all these varied processes. While...An orange […]

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Nutritional Immunology Session with Dr Jau-Fei Chen - Chapter 3

It was a very enriching Saturday with Dr Jau-Fei Chen, who is known internationally and given multiple awards for her main research topic on Nutritional Immunology. Seeing her in person is  like seeing Nutritional Immunology personified. She is 54 years of age, but definitely looks great nevertheless. I hope I look like her when I […]

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Are you aware of the Health Risks we face in our Modern Lifestyle? – Part 3

This is the third part of a series on the Health Risks we are facing in our Modern Lifestyle. In the first part, we had looked at how exposure to free radicals contribute to premature aging. In the second part, we considered the impact of what we eat, because WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Now, […]

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Are you aware of the Health Risks we face in our Modern Lifestyle? - Part 2

This is the second part of a series on the health risks we are facing in our Modern Lifestyle. Previously, in the first part, we looked at how some of our lifestyle factors caused premature aging. We also looked at the corresponding detrimental effect on our health.In this post, we will look more closely at […]

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Are you aware of the Health Risks we face in our Modern Lifestyle? - Part 1

Before nutritional immunology came into my life, I used to think that there was no problem at all with my health. That there is no need for any changes to my lifestyle. Granted, I do know there are some things which aren't I wasn't a big fan of exercising, and I wasn't drinking sufficient […]

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The Story of a Young Girl who made a difference in the lives of many...

Humble Beginnings... When she was just a young girl, she dreamt to be a scientist who could make a difference in the world. At that time, she as a budding scientist in Birgham Young University, took on this perspective: It is not the outcome of the research that is important, but that how far reaching […]

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