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Doctors Name Treatments that Bring Little or No Benefit

As I was writing my last article on tackling the common flu, I chanced upon this piece of news from BBC resonating the same message. As consumers, we indeed need to be wise in our choices. In tackling any challenges in life, we need to first stop and think. What is the root cause, which […]

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Tackling the common flu...with fever, phlegm and the whole mess.

Over the last 2-3 weeks, several of my friends had their little ones down with flu, coughing, runny nose. I was crossing my fingers and counting my lucky stars. But alas! I too caught it from my boy who caught the bug from his friend in school just last Friday. Typically when he catches a […]

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Are all Natural Foods safe?

Does "natural" or "herbal" definitely mean safe for our daily consumption? In fact, no. Not all Natural Foods are safe. In the naturally occurring world of flora and fauna, there are many many different types of plants. Some are Poisons to us For example, the amanita mushrooms. It can be fatal if we eat them. […]

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Herbal and Dietary Supplements tied to Liver Damage

One of my valued customers brought this article to my attention over the weekend. Indeed, the title is not surprising to me. Let me explain why. In using supplements, are we aware of the ingredients that are in there? How are they made? What happens when they go through our body? These are just some […]

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Why are we getting Chronic Inflammation?

What is Inflammation? Maybe some of you have experienced this as a cloud of heat in your throat, just before the sore throat strikes. That is throat inflammation. Alternatively, some of you may have experienced it has a angry, red, swell on our skin when we get a cut. That is also inflammation. These are […]

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Do Probiotics work?

In the recent years, more light has been shed on the role of gut bacteria in many areas of our health. This includes areas such as digestive system, allergic or autoimmune diseases, as well as cardiovascular related. As such, this has fueled a demand for probiotics supplementation and it is indeed getting more and more […]

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What plant based milk does my boy take as an Alternative to Formula Milk?

The starting of my journey with my little boy was a challenging one. Due to lack of knowledge in the breastfeeding essentials, my boy started taking formula from bottle at the onset -- in the hospital. He was accustomed to the flow from a bottle and did not take to latching at all. To add […]

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Is Soy suitable for young boys? ...and other questions around phytoestrogen

In just this week alone, I received several concerned friends' query on whether its safe to feed young boys soy. This does not come as a surprise to me, as there are many misconceptions about Soy in the world today. I will take this opportunity to answer some of them specifically with regards to children […]

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How can we Grow Younger with Age?

As highlighted in an earlier post, we are aging prematurely due to exposure to free radicals in our modern lifestyle. These free radicals in turn causes oxidative stress in our body, leading to early onset of diseases as well. To arrest this phenomena, we will need wholesome foods which are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. […]

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