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How can we Manage our Weight without going hungry? – Part 2 the Dangers of Commonly used Weight Loss methods

This is the second post in a series on the topic of weight management. Previously, we have looked at the science of weight management and understood first about the fundamentals which affect weight gain or loss. Now, let’s look at some of the common weight management methods in detail: Exercise only, eat as you want […]

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How can we Manage our weight without going hungry? - Part 1 the Science of Weight Management

As a mummy of 1 boy, I have gone through the stage of worrying about not being able to return to my pre-pregnancy size. I used to joke about it with my hubby, that as part of the pregnancy cost, he has to pay also for my slimming treatment. Those were the days before I […]

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How can we prevent dementia?

In the recent local news, dementia has been on the limelight. At the same time, my dad also brought up this topic of dementia at our usual weekly family dinner together. Many may think that dementia is an aging disease that strikes only the elderly. However, are you aware that the age at which dementia […]

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Sleep - why does it elude so many today?

The other day when I was looking through the local news as usual, this article caught my eye. In the last couple of months alone, I have heard from at least two to three friends about their experience with insomnia. This article indeed impressed upon me how widespread the problem of insomnia was. People were […]

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More on Advanced Processing techniques - case study on Cactus

Recently, one of my friends asked me: If cactus is a superfood, why isn't cactus or cactus juice being sold in supermarkets? Indeed, this is a very very good question! In fact, her question came very timely. It came just as I was just starting on this series talking more about advanced processing techniques used […]

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What is Spray-drying?

Plant foods occurring in nature come in all shapes, sizes, taste and colour. Also, they come with a different set of nutrients and anti-nutrients. As such, different plants would require different type of processing methods. One example is soy. Soy contains trypsin-inhibitors which affects digestion of proteins. During the concentration process, a certain temperature is […]

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What is Freeze-drying?

The very first time I came to know about freeze-drying was in my under graduate years. One of my classmates did his final year project on freeze-drying of jackfruits and durian. At that time, I knew it as a drying process which takes a long long time. However, the fruits could be kept fresh without […]

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Do you know Vitamin C supplement increases risk of Heart Diseases?

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for our body. This was especially crucial in the 16th to 18th centuries. During this period, sailors who went on long voyages tended to get scurvy. Scurvy comes about due to insufficient antioxidants in a person's diet. To add on, the problem was so serious that many of the […]

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Are we Overdosing on Vitamins?

Vitamin pills, they're so well marketed by advertisements that many people think more of them are good. When people catch a cold, what is the first type that comes to mind? Vitamin C! When people want to boost their immune system, the immediate choice is multi-vitamins coupled with minerals. A very quick solution. I used […]

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